Club Med website

After working on a homepage redesign in 2015 with Altima°, Club Med gave them the task of a full responsive website redesign. One of the main purposes was to simplify the already existent structure, there was a huge number of differents templates and no sense of components and modularity in their design, the first phase was the resort detail page and the booking engine.

Another aspect of the project was that they wanted to upgrade their look and feel in order to attract more high end travelers and at the same time keep their family vacations - all inclusive approach accesible, so we play a lot with immersive photography and inject pertinent content at the right moments.

It was a project with a lot of technical constraints that demanded a lot of thinking and iteration in order to find an optimal experience. It was also my first experience to the agile methodology, that I found very challenging in order to tackle a big project like this without any styleguide in place from depart.

Art Direction
UI Design
Club Med
Club Med
Club Med

The client space

Club Med
Club Med

Details of the navigation panel

Club Med

For the icons we had to make different sizes in order to keep consistency in the border value

Club Med
Some interactions tests

See the Pen VLJWwz by Erik (@erikz) on CodePen.

See the Pen jPjmav by Erik (@erikz) on CodePen.